William Kresal

Went to Benchwarmers for St. Patrick’s Day corned beef dinner. Dining room was laid out like a high school cafeteria. But on that point it was spot on neat and clean. Moving on to the server, she was personable and very punctual. Okay, here’s where the rave begins. Benchwarmers served the best corned beef I have ever had in my entire life! And I’m old. They serve me four slabs of the leanest corned beef I’ve ever had in my life. Slabs, in that they were cut a healthy three quarters of an inch thick and fork tender. No knife needed. Cooked perfectly. Not overdone, not underdone, baby bears porridge just right. Cabbage and carrots were done just perfectly. Mind you, now I’m extremely picky. So picky that I ordered a dinner to go for the next day. Good job Benchwarmers. You hit it out of the park. The only reason they didn’t get five stars is that I didn’t care for the cafeteria style seating.

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