Trent Wilson

Just went for the first time today after receiving the recommendation from my grandparents, who are regulars there now since they’ve been almost every weekend…lol

Anyways, my friend Josh and I really enjoyed this place. The food was very filling and almost everything tasted great! I like what they did with the old CiCi’s venue. Completely overhauling the setup, repainting the interior and modernizing it to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable from it’s former property. I really enjoyed my jalapeƱo cheese burger and I dig the choice of being able to select either a brioche or pretzel bun for your bread.

The two nitpicks I do have are:
1. While the Fully Loaded Fries my friend and I split as an appetizer were still really delicious, albeit if it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t help but notice that the chili on said fries had to have been store bought Hormel canned chili. Like I said, I still loved the fries, but I was expecting a house made chili.

2. The real only downside to our meals were the sides that came with our burgers. Since we had the fires for an app, we didn’t want to double down, so I got the Mac n cheese and Josh settled on green beans. My Mac was pretty underdone, the noodles were really gummy and stiff, not even al dente, and the cheese was weirdly sweet and bland. Josh said his green beans were just wet with no real seasoning or anything satisfactory about it.

Other than those complaints, however, I cannot wait to return next time for lunch and try something else on the menu

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