cori Hale

At lunch there this afternoon and it was phenomenal. Husband ordered the wings I got the Fried Green Tomato BLT and my 20 month old got the mini corn dogs.

Everything was fantastic. From the food, to the service, and what you’ve done with the place.

Despite being given glaring looks from a 4 top of an older generation who objected with dirty looks when my kid made noise by dropping her cup and the man who after my husband said I’m sorry told him to remove our kid and backed down when asked to repeat himself

We will be back because of the above mentioned in regards to the food, atmosphere, the service and the kindness the Cashier showed when she stated that I did fine with my kid and that she was actually good.

If you don’t like kids in family restaurants you shouldn’t go into family restaurants. Other options would stink because Benchwarmers is that awesome but if you are older than Gen X and you want quiet and no children around might I suggest Bonner Senior Center for lunch?

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